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169 S Shore 8.56 Acres East Caroga Lake- SOLD 
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P.O. Box 751, Caroga Lake, NY 12032 518-835-2357 mel@adksrealty.com
Please call if you can’t find the property! 518-835-2357
 736 South Shore East Caroga Lake SOLD 
                               Below Are All Caroga Lake houses:
127 North Shore West Caroga Lake Access SOLD
 1083 St Hwy 10 Pine Lake SOLD
725 South Shore Road, E. Caroga 3.2 Surveyed Acres! SOLD
142 First Ave, East Caroga Lake SOLD 
East Stoner Lake Rd. Waterfront SOLD
108 N Shore West Caroga Lake Access
225 East Stoner Lake Road SOLD
123 Fourth Ave- E Caroga Lake access SOLD
770 South Shore East Caroga Lake SOLD
   447 State Hwy 10, East Stoner Lake SOLD 
LARGE LOT-Alderwood Park Road SOLD
380 Ransom Creek Rd Keyser Lake- SOLD
193 North Shore West Caroga Lake SOLD 
149 North Shore Road West Caroga SOLD
101 Washington Square- SOLD
East Caroga SOLD
 E. Caroga Lake SOLD
E Caroga Cabin, 5 acres & waterfront SOLD
3085 St Hwy 29-Sold
116 Garlock Rd- SOLD
Pine Lake, 100ft of Waterfront SOLD
Vacant Lot on private Caroga Road
128 Third Ave- E Caroga SOLD
122 Lakeview Ave- W Caroga
101 Spruce Ave- W. Caroga SOLD
SOLD 137 Balsam Ave 
SOLD 107 Summit Ave-
DEEDED Access East Caroga SOLD
S Shore Trail Canada Lake SOLD